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Signature Speaking Topics

Are you looking for a fun, thought-provoking, out of the box experience for your upcoming marriage conference, seminar, retreat or workshop? Contact The Perfect Family Blend today!

"5 Key Strategies for Blended Family Success"

5 key strategies for families to implement when building a blended family.  

"Do you hear me now?"

In this session, we provide tools and strategies to help couples to listen more than they talk. 

“What’s in a Title?”

Does it matter what you are called in order to make a lasting impact on your blended child's life? In this session, we focus on key characteristics that synergizes family unity: love, respect, transparency, and honesty!

"Trust Factor"
"Free Your Mind"

In this session, couples will learn how to let go of their selfish desires and learn how to open their mind and heart to new ideas and perspectives.

In this session, the Mitchell's will provide various personal stories, short skits, and other exercises that demonstrate the importance of allowing trust to develop naturally.

"The Art of Walking in Forgiveness"

In this sessions, couples will recieve conflict resolution tools that will faciliate the ability to "agree to disagree when necessary."