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About Us

Our Story........

On September 19, 2009, Toney and Sanita Mitchell formed a harmonious union in becoming husband and wife; and soon becoming proud parents of four beautiful children (three sons, one daughter) and one angel baby. From the start of their blended family, Toney and Sanita were determined to defeat any negative stigmas that were associated with this unique, but growing family dynamic. Through several heartbreaks, trials, and obstacles, they remained committed not only to each other; but to the overall success of their family.  

Throughout their years of marriage, Toney and Sanita have recognized and implemented five key strategies that has made their blended family operate in a unified, loving environment. Through The Perfect Family Blend, Toney and Sanita will teach and assist other blended families in the use of these key strategies to achieve unparalleled success no matter the challenge!

Five Key Strategies for Blended Family Success:

The Perfect Family Blend teaches “Five Key Strategies” to help build, nurture, and keep blended families together:

  • Strategy One: Communication  

  • Strategy Two: Trust  

  • Strategy Three: Selflessness  

  • Strategy Four: Forgiveness  

  • Strategy Five: Fun 


Other strategies that will be incorporated within our “Five Key Strategies” to ensure blended family success include:  

  • Love

  • Discipline  

  • Balance/Flexibility 

  • Time/Patience  

  • Community/Resources  

  • Opening Your Space (Embracing new roles/responsibilities)